Owned by Susanna Florissi, an author of several materials to teach Brazilian Portuguese as a Foreign, Second or Heritage Language, Torre de Babel Idiomas' expertise involves offering classes to individual, doubles or small groups. All courses at Torre de Babel are tailored to the students' needs focusing mainly in the corporate world. One of our most important programs offers Distant Education classes in a virtual classroom with an interactive board.

Very important to us is also the 'Bem-Vindo ao Brasil' program which offers classes in the most important cities in Brasil taught by Instructors supervised daily by our Language Coordinators, Harumi Otuki and Maria Lucia Carbone Versa, directly from our Head Office. Students enrolled in this program study Portuguese and travel throughout the country while learning the language.

Instructors trained to help students prepare for the CELPE-BRAS (the Brazilian Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese) are part of our staff of 25 teachers. To receive more information on our Programs please send a message stating your specific needs directly to torredebabel@torredebabel.com.br.